July news!

Firstly let me tell you about a giveaway we are running on our Instagram page that you might be interested in. You and a friend can win one of our newest collections comprising a 100g of sock yarn, a sock ruler and a peppermint and tea-tree foot soak and soap. One of a range of gifts that we are developing but that doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself!

Visit our instagram profile for details.

Pamper box giveaway

We have also released our latest Mystery boxes, one for knitters and one for crocheters. These are being shipped this week so I can’t disclose the contents yet, but they each have a 100g skein of 4ply yarn that we have dyed, a pattern from a well known designer that we are really excited about. The knitting pattern designer only collaborates with a very few people so we are really honoured.

Then there are the extra themed gifts that should be really useful. Two of them have been handmade by us and the third could have been eaten by us but we resisted! They are both available for £20 each from our website or Etsy shop.

Sun Sea Surf Knitters IG


Our next Open day will be held on the 5th August and we look forward to seeing you if you can make it. I will have tea and cake as usual and will even try to find time to make it myself (don’t let that put you off!)

August Open Day 2017

We are now taking delivery of the brand new Autumn/Winter yarns from Debbie Bliss, James C. Brett and Conway and Bliss to name but a few so there will be lots to see if you can come. Once all of the yarns are on the website I am planning to show you them in my first podcast that I am in the middle of making. There – I’ve said it now so I have to hurry and finish it! I think it will be a brilliant way of showing you just how gorgeous the different yarns are and we will have made up samples to show you too.

Finally, for today, let me show you the latest handmade embroidered project bag that has just arrived. These are exclusive to us and are usually snapped up as soon as they are listed. If you’re thinking of gift ideas one of these would be perfect for any crafter.

Bicycle pink flowers 4

Until next time,

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It’s getting rather chilly – enter Debbie Bliss’ Falkland Aran patterns to warm us up!

As soon as I heard that Debbie Bliss was bringing out Falkland Aran this Autumn I knew I just had to stock it. I love the story behind it; the fact that all of the animals are treated so well and granted so much freedom really appeals to me. You may have picked up that I come from a family of huge animal lovers!!

Coupled with its luxurious and natural feel, Debbie Bliss has created my dream yarn.

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Project bags!

We have a new range of Project bags exclusive to The Knitters Attic that we are so excited about. They are handmade and embroidered and fully lined in a co-ordinating fabric. They are cleverly designed with a slightly longer zip so that the bag can open fully.Kitchener Project Bag with Pastel Poppy Embroidery ~ back

The latest ones have the kitchener stitch embroidered on the back whilst the fronts have had a variety of designs.Kitchener front

We are happy to take custom orders, we have just finished a custom order that will be off to Australia later. If there is a design that you have seen in the past that you would like just contact us by email – enquiries@theknittersattic.co.uk or call us on 01394 547077 to discuss. Here are some more examples of our designs:


Project bag - LilacsProject bag collection

Knitting Queen KitchenerPlum Poppy Project Bag

Our Jungle Book Inspired Market Night

In celebration of The Jungle Book premiere on Friday the 15th of April we are running a Market Night inspired by the live action film!

Join us Fri 15th of April between 7-9pm (GMT) on our facebook page to buy our unique hand dyed skeins. Adding to your stash is a ‘bear necessity’ after all!



PS. Our market night is in no way affiliated with Facebook or the film.

I’m spinning!

……of a fashion.

The first spinning class was held here at ‘The Attic’ this morning by the multi-talented Sarah Butters. It was so peaceful in there surrounded by all our yarn loveliness and with the sunshine pouring in. The number of wild birds outside was a little distracting though!

The lesson started with us firstly getting to know our wheels a little better, with Sarah checking them over for us and tending to them with a little oil. She soon got us going and with my bobbin almost full she got me plying it too. I’m so pleased with my first little skein, I think I may even have enough for a little mouse’s hat. Please don’t look too closely though! Sarah asked me what I was going to do after I had it on the niddy-noddy and my reply of hug it wasn’t the one she was looking for I  don’t think.

Ist skein.jpg

The classes are going to be run monthly which seems an awfully long time to wait when the morning was such fun so I just had to carry on on my own. It would be silly not to don’t you agree? This time I’m using some of Sarah’s fleece that came from Orford Ness which is not far from here – I may have even seen the sheep!

2nd attempt

I’m absolutely loving my latest adventure 🙂 I wonder whether I would be allowed to have any sheep? Actually I already know the answer to that. You think I would learn my lesson when it comes to battling my wits against the pets we already have; but that’s a story for another day.

Knit and natter today

Cubics fixed circularI spent a really lovely morning at my local knit and natter group today. I’m finding that it is more and more important to take some time out. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still passionate about what I’m doing, so much so that I’m forgetting to switch off, but what better way to do so than a knit and natter group? I find that my knitting project needs to be one that doesn’t need much concentration as nattering takes over though! In fact not an awful lot of kniitng gets done but I learn something everytime.

This mornings was particularly good as I got some really useful feedback on our KnitPro cubics needles. I often switch to these myself when my thumbs are saying “you’ve been knitting for too long” but my head is saying – “just one more row…” I’ve often heard that they are brilliant for knitters with arthritis for example and had proof today. I had a set with me  and showed them to a lady that had reluctantly stopped knitting because she found it too difficult. It was great to see the huge smile on her face when she tried them and found them easy to use. How a square rather than round needle can make such a difference is a mystery to me but they really do work. I can’t wait to see what she has made next time.:)